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Carbon Management

We support the carbon management and monitoring of your activity


We create strategies that contribute to the decarbonization of your activity, helping you draw your way to neutrality.


We collaborate with private companies to design and implement a Low Carbon Adaptation Strategy to avoid future operational and financial risks; increase resilience to impacts on their operations and, throughout the value chain, help improve communication and corporate image and exercise corporate citizenship.

  • GHG emissions Diagnosis - Carbon footprint

  • Strategic analysis of Climate Change risks and opportunities

  • Corporate Adaptation to Climate Change Plan

  • Carbon Neutrality Plans

  • Corporate Communication Plans

  • Low Carbon and Adaptation Strategies

  • Science Based Targets (SBTs)

  • Stakeholders awareness and engagement programs

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We increase the efficiency of your projects.


We define sustainability goals for buildings and infrastructures, promoting innovative solutions for efficient long-term resource management in your projects.


As part of QUADRANTE, we work within a specialized consultancy firm transforming projects, infrastructure, and urban planning into more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable projects. We use international references and certify your project in the main worldwide recognized mechanisms.


Therefore, we ensure the Group's commitment to contribute to a Future in its Purest State.

  • Energy Solutions and hydric sustainability

  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • Project Sustainability

  • Sustainability Plans and Circular Economy

  • Technological systems for monitoring the performance of Buildings and Infrastructures

  • LEED and BREEAM Certification


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Climate Support Projects

We help you design your mitigation project


Qualified consulting to increase your Asset’s GHG emission reduction potential


We support, in the identification of potentially eligible projects, the release of carbon credits, and integration in the voluntary market. Complementarily, we help you to create your mitigation project, analyze its viability and support you in the elaboration of the application, guaranteeing the fulfillment of principles such as being real; measurable; permanent; additional; verifiable; unique; transparent; conservative, and monitoring of the implementation, maintenance, and management of the portfolio of released credits.

  • Evaluation of Greenhouse gases (GHG) reduction potential

  • Assessment of carbon sink potential

  • Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)

  • Support to REDD+  projects applications

  • üSupport to NAMA’s  projects applications

  • Carbon Credits certification (VCS and GS)

  • Monitoring Plans for Projects

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Public Policies

We collaborate in the definition and implementation of climate policies.


We work with different entities in the construction of the change process. We help in the definition of Climate Policies, ensuring the transfer of knowledge and tools necessary for their success.


The definition and implementation of Climate Policies were at the origin of the creation of ECOPROGRESSO, which was the first Portuguese company to develop activity in this area. Therefore, we work closely with several organisms, from National and International Environment Ministries, Municipalities, European Commission, and Development Banks.

  • Climate Change Policies

  • Low Carbon Sectoral Strategies

  • Building knowledge in Developing Countries

  • National and Regional Climate Change Mitigation Plans

  • National and Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plans

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Green Investments

We advise you on the best instrument to support your investment.


We assess the best opportunities to ensure the implementation of more sustainable measures for your investments. We support the transformation of obligations into opportunities.


In an era when investments and assets are increasingly evaluated also according to their environmental, social, and climate impact, we support the evaluation of the impact of your project according to specific indicators that reflect the associated risk, both in material and immaterial dimensions.


We evaluate the best financing instruments for your investment to help guarantee the implementation of more sustainable measures in organizations, thus actively contributing to mitigate Climate Change impacts.

  • Climate impact in assets

  • Climate impact in investments

  • GreenBonds

  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

  • Carbon Markets

  • Evaluation and selection of financing instruments

  • Management of contacts with partners


Be Carbonfree®

We help make your business carbon neutral


All activities are responsible for the emission of Greenhouse Gases and it is a duty to contribute to its elimination or reduction. At ECOPROGRESSO we support your company in the compensation of the emissions generated by your activities, through the acquisition of carbon reduction credits outside your value chain.


The partnerships we have with several companies have already allowed us to do the accounting and offsetting of more than 200 events and publications, totaling more than 23,000 tCO2 offset. Be part of this community. We guarantee our carbon neutral status - Carbonfree®.


  • Carbon neutrality certification

  • Presentation of projects, which contribute to a Changing Climate

  • Communication, Content and Press Releases

  • Certified Carbon Credits Acquisition

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